Repipe & Pipe Replacement

We can help you replace the pipes in your home for better water distribution.

Replace Your Old Pipes With Repipe & Pipe Replacement Services – Take advantage of our 30 years in business for your pipe replacement.

repipe-servicesHomeowners don’t always check old plumbing pipes for discoloration, stains, dimpling or flaking , which are all indicators of corrosion. Plumbing leaks can also be a signal for pipe replacement. As a professional repipe contractor we can design your new plumbing system with the most efficient use of time and materials.

We use Uponor plumbing systems:

  • No glues, torches or gauges necessary
  • Fewer connections, flexible for tight band radius.
  • Complete lead- free materials.
  • Full line of Pex fittings for ultimate design flexibility.
  • 25 year warranty with a $1,000,000.00 per occurrence claim.

Frequently Asked Questions About Repiping and Pipe Replacement

When should I consider replacing the water supply pipes in my home?

The best time to replace the water supply pipes in your home is at your convenience before a potentially catastrophic flood occurs. No one can predict when leaks occur, but sometimes pipes can corrode from the inside out causing low pressure conditions in the home. This is a common indicator of the need to replace the water supply pipes. Inspect all components of your plumbing system above the visible point of egress to and from your walls, this can indicate the conditions of your plumbing system as a whole.

What things do I look for when inspecting my water supply piping system?

Rusty or corroded connections at the water heater or any other connected fixture. Discolored water or debris coming from faucets. Shut off valves not holding, leaking or simply won’t turn off.

When is the best time of the year to replace my pipes?

The very best time of the year is when it is cool and not excessively hot ( 75 degrees or above). Another great time to replace the water pipes is when a family vacation is scheduled. So a winter ski trip would be a great time to replace your water supply system.

Can I live in my home when the water supply pipes are being replaced?

Yes, you can stay in the home while the repiping job is in progress. This process involves cutting drywall, drilling holes, workers inside and outside of the house. It may not be ideal for anyone who would be sleeping during the day. This a noisy, dusty job but the mess can be minimized for the homeowner that has no options to leave the house vacant.

Will I have water during the installation of my new water supply system?

The water service must be interrupted at some point during the process. When the water is turned off is negotiable, to coincide with homeowner’s needs. Temporary water can be provided for daily use while the water is off.

What type of damage to my home can I expect?

In most cases, when a repipe is complete there is only minor sanding and painting of drywall to be done. Common walls behind or adjacent to the fixtures usually have to be cut open to access the original water pipes. Sometimes the tile must be cut to access these pipes. In most cases this is when plumbing fixtures are on an outside wall and the brick or other outside surfaces can’t be disturbed.

What should I do to prepare for the replacement of the water supply system?

The first step in preparation is to remove all items under each sink. Remove all items in the shower or bathtub area. Identify all areas where the wall cuts may occur. Then remove any furniture in that area. Next will be the attic entrance. This is usually congested with storage items or equipment. Some or all will have to be moved.

What type of materials should I consider using for my new water supply system?

Uponor offers a comprehensive 25 year warranty with a $1,000,000.00 per occurrence claim against manufacture defects when installed by a trained technician. We have been certified to install PEX-A from Uponor and offer a complete line of products that work very efficiently together. We also carry a complete line of fixtures to complete the total transformation of your new water supply system.