Diagnose Irrigation Problems

My pump comes on when the system is not on.Faulty check valve at pump. Leak in main line/solenoid valve.Replace check valve/Repair main line/Repair solenoid valve.
Water leaks constantly from various heads.Faulty solenoid valve.Repair solenoid valve.
My timer won't hold its program after a power outage.Battery/Timer is faulty.Replace battery/replace timer.
Sprinkler heads out of adjustment.Sprinkler head cracked/damaged/too deep.Readjust/replace/raise sprinkler head.
My pump makes loud/unusual noise when running.Bearings in motor are bad or debris in impeller of pump.Check and Replace/Repair pump.
When it rains my system won't shut off.Rain sensor damaged/bypassed.Replace/ activate rain sensor.
Unusually high water bill.Leaky solenoid valve/leak in pipes/water hose left on/timer program issues.Locate and repair solenoid valve/repair leaky pipe/turn off water hose/Re-program timer.
Sprinkler heads clogged/not rotating or won't pop up.Sandy/corrosive water from pump.Install filter to remove debris from motor/Replace faulty heads.
Sprinklers not covering lawn area like original installation.Heads too low/not rotating or new landscape blocking water spray.Raise/Replace/Move heads. Add new sprinkler heads or relocate landscaping.
Water stains on house or walkways.Iron from well water.Move away from house and redesign system.
System won't come on.Rain sensor active/pump not working/backflow or meter turned off.Deactivate sensor/repair pump/open backflow and water meter.
Timer display power off.Fuse blown in timer/no electricity to the system.Replace fuse and check breaker or ground fault on plug.
System comes on at strange times.Check B program may have erroneous information.Clear everything out of all programs except A.
Multiple zones come on at once.Solenoid valve stuck open/Bad timer or wiring problem.Locate and flush valve/replace timer or wiring problem.
One or more zones don't come on.Broken solenoid valve/timer or wiring damage.Locate/repair solenoid valve. Locate /Repair wiring or timer.
Low pressure on only one zone.Broken solenoid valve/Broken pipe or head.Locate/repair or replace solenoid valve or fixture.