Drainage And Flood Protection

Protect your home and landscape from long-term water damage.

Nolan Plumbing and Irrigation has the experience and expertise to solve difficult drainage and flood control problems on your property.

roof-drain-sim-coveControl of standing water around and under a house is essential to preventing flooding which can cause considerable damage to your home.  Wood rot, mildew, wet insulation, foul odors, diseased or dying plants, mud, ruined turf, and mosquitoes are a few things associated with drainage problems. Planning and installing a properly designed drainage system will solve these problems and prevent the site from turning into a maintenance nightmare during storms and rainy seasons.

“After we purchased our dream home in Orange Park with a great screened in patio and an in-ground pool we were so happy.  Then the summer thunderstorms rolled in.  That afternoon we had 4 inches of standing water on our patio.  If it had continued to rain there’s no doubt that water would have flooded the house as well.

We called Nolan Plumbing and Irrigation because a friend of ours had used them for a drainage project the previous year.  Mr. Nolan and his staff assessed the problem we were having and came up with a plan.  The work was completed promptly and to our satisfaction.

That weekend it rained cats and dogs.  Our screened in patio was dry. Thanks so much.

-Anna Sacca


Drainage and Flood Protection

A properly designed drainage system directs the water away from your home and provides a better environment of plant growth. With a properly designed and installed drainage system you have protected your property, you have peace of mind and increased property valve.

If you have water accumulating around your home and landscape we have a solution.


Advantages to a well-drained property

  • Properly installed, a drainage system will work 24-7 and is virtually maintenance free
  • Better water absorption
  • Improvement of subsoil moisture conditions
  • Drains provide an escape route for flood water
  • An increase in available nitrogen in soils for plants
  • Control of soil erosion
  • Deeper root development of grasses

We design and install all types of storm water drains

  • Absorption drains (French)
  • Footer drains
  • Collection drains
  • Open bed drain/ decorative and functional
  • Gutter drains
  • Pool backwash drains